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Thread: Just How Bad Cassel Really Is

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    Wow, I wish I had time to put together half hearted stat's and video's of someone making a bad play. Because that never happens to receivers or running backs. Oops, dropped the ball in the end zone. Oops, fumbled the opening kickoff on opening day.

    Look I'm not a supporter and I think he should be replaced. Stuff happens, but this is clearly someone that dislikes Cassel and is trying to make him look as bad as humanly possible. Hey I over threw the ball. Let's look at that clip again, the lineman missed his assignment so Cassel couldn't follow through on the throw. What logically happens when someone can't follow through...the ball drifts. What happened, the ball drifted. OMG!! It's like...physics or something.

    Here's another clip I have a problem with. Cassel missed a receiver swinging his hands that's running across the line of scrimmage. Hmm isn't that BOTH sides of the line collapsing? Oh that's right, half of the offensive line is saying hey Matt, sorry about letting the entirety of the the D line in on you.

    Yet another clip Bowe being over thrown. Oh cool, why don't we throw a clip up there of Bowe running the wrong route and then shrugging. My bad, lets try that play again D-Bowe likes running routes!

    Finally, Cassel dodging a guy and then running for his life and getting sacked. Hrmm, why would Cassel have to dodge two guys? Oh that's right, the O line sucked and let them come rushing in.

    This article is clearly saying "I hate Matt Cassel so I'm going to try and find statistics to make him look bad and clips that I can put witty things on. lol, wtf, omg". There are three kinds of lies in the world, lies, damn lies and statistics. For every person that claims look at the facts I can find you another set of facts that contradicts them. The other thing I think almost every clip missed is that the O line sucked. We've worked this year on getting an upgraded line on both sides of the ball which is why I'm not screaming to the high heavens.

    With all that said, please replace our QB as it is now our weak link in the team.
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