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Thread: VERY special piece of Cheifs history

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    Default VERY special piece of Cheifs history

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    Hello KC fans,
    I have a very important/rare piece of Chief memorablia from 1966 that I would like someone to give me an idea what it may be worth, and, if interesed, perhaps purchase from me. I rather not get into to much details here, for personal reasons for my and his (former Chief players' family). SO, if you are SERIOUSLY a historian of franchise or die hard fan with deep pockets, and are truley interested, post back a way that i can communicate with you off of this forum. You can also reach me on twitter @McDolfan


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    Quote Originally Posted by Connie Jo View Post
    No offense intended to you BryBo...but if I was a potential buyer, my question of concern would be...

    Why do you have it, is it yours, was it given to you, or are you trying to sell it for someone else? Do you have documentation of ownership, so as to verify it's legit? If so, why try to sell it in fan forums...why not contact a professional broker to auction such a rare, very valuable, & historic piece of jewelry?

    I assume the wives bracelet is a mate of sorts to the Championship ring given to their player spouses? As such, it's likely pure gold with diamonds, etc..

    Such a piece of jewelry as you've described, has the potential to bring thousands if promoted & auctioned professionally, much more than one would be likely to negotiate on a fan forum. Just sayin~ :/
    There is the info you need Bryan, thanks to CJ! Now if you have such, then contact a jeweler and find the value.

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    Well looks like TS and Connie Jo just about have it covered.

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