Chiefs' Matt Cassel Glad To Hear From 'One Voice'
by Joel Thorman on Jul 31, 2012 9:00 AM CDT in Chiefs Training Camp

610 Sports' Bob Fescoe talked with Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel after training camp the other day and there was an interesting quote to come out of it. I'm not sure if Cassel meant it this way but it comes off as a little bit of a knock on former Chiefs coach Todd Haley.

Here's the audio. The Q&A is below:

Fescoe: There's no question for you guys as an offense it seems to be more stability than in years past with this thing. Clearly, having the offseason and Daboll in there, working with Baldwin after practice like that, what did that mean for you in particular?

Cassel: "I think it's great. It's the first time I've been here in the last four years, this is going on my fourth, that we've had one voice in the offensive room, which is coach Daboll. It's helpful because when you hear one voice and you understand what he's thinking, how he wants something read, how he wants to conceptualize something against a certain defense, we're ont he same page. There's no second guessing. There's no, 'Oh I thought this' and I think that's very good for me because moving forward we can create some consistency."

This is sort of a shot at Haley, I suppose. I'm not sure if Cassel meant it like that but the knock on Haley was that he micromanaged the offense. It was one of those underlying story lines that never really went away.

Considering what Haley's dad, Dick, has said about Cassel -- publicly and privately -- what Cassel said isn't much of a shot.

Earlier this month, Dick Haley was quoted in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review:

"The quarterback (Matt Cassel) was real average. ... It didn't surprise me what happened in Kansas City. I didn't have any real confidence in the whole thing."

And back in January, weeks after Todd Haley was fired, ESPN's Jeff Chadiha reported this on 810 WHB:

"I can say this now because he's gone but I remember having a conversation with Todd Haley about last year and he said that when his dad came in -- and his dad's been a longtime personnel guy with the Steelers and obviously saw a lot of talented players come in -- he said when his dad watched Cassel closely the first time they had him here, he told Todd, 'I don't think you can win with this guy.'"

Cassel needs to find someone to do some talking for him.

(H/T Clay Wendler)

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