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Agreed, and what really blows my mind is the way Houston just put him on waivers like he was an expendable bench-warmer and got nothing in return for him.

I mean we're not talking Barry Richardson here. Winston is a tough and talented veteran very much in his prime who's a good pass protector and his run blocking skills are supreme. Plus, he was starter for nearly SIX years in Houston.

How does any teams front office in their right mind let THAT type of player go without getting anything in return? They won't even get a compensatory draft pick.

Kudos to Pioli and Crennel for going after Winston like a heat-seeking missile and bringing him in and not letting him out of KC without signing a contract.

Winston has probably got a bad taste in his mouth regarding the way Houston just dumped him like that & I suspect his dander is really up.
Purely a cash saving deal. Ive read houston is/was in salary cao trbl with their current rostwr and had to make some tough decisions and felt they had enough depth at the de position and the ol.

But kudos for pioli and crennel getting him in town and not leaving when soo many teams were interested. We were hus first and last visit.