We have now seen a preseason with this team and these are the things that Have stuck out for me.

First the good

The run game looks like the best area of the team getting Charles back and he has looked like Charles something that we really missed a season ago. The Run game will win us some games this year.

I think the coaching staff got the qb spot right. Cassel has to me clearly looked like the number 1 Quinn clearly the 2. The QB spot could of course be better but I think Cassel is going to be Cassel of 2010. He won't do a ton that wins us the games as I said the run game will do that. But for the most part I don't see him doing a lot to lose the games either.

And now for the not so good.

I think the thing that stands out the most is that the biggest area of need from this team has moved away from O line to the defensive secondary. They need a lot of help there. Flowers coming back will help that but they need depth. The biggest hope for me right now is that some other team is forced to cut a guy who we can pick up and help with this problem because right now that is our biggest worry.

Depth is still a issue with this team overall. If Cassel were to go down I think that would hurt. If we get a couple of guys hurt on the o line I think that will hurt big time. I think the same can be said about most other teams so it's not a big issue but I think it's more important for the Chiefs to keep certain guys healthy then for others. If we don't have the injuries pile up like they did a season ago I think we will have a pretty good season and like last year be in the race till the end.