So as we all no there are big questions about if the Chiefs will be able to lock Bowe up long term or not. So far not so good. So I got to thinking how if Bowe can't be assured of getting a new contract can the Chiefs not lose a beat or maybe even come out better and at the same time not let Bowe walk.

I don't know if anyone here has been watching Hard Knocks this year but watching that show you can see that the Dolphins are pretty desperate at the WR spot. We have seen desperate teams give up a lot for a player see the faiders and Palmer. But I think it's possible we could get a 1 for bowe and maybe a latter round pick then turn that 1 from them (which could be a high 1) and our 1 and (maybe some could see this coming) trade the 2 1s for Larry Fitzgerald from the Cards.

Now I no it will never happen but how many would jump on this? I no i would maybe I should be the GM