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You just complained about the defense. The guys Pioli brought in in the secondary played and got killed. Of course that's on Pioli, he assembles the team and coaching staff.
And you ignore Hali getting himself suspended You ignore Dj one NOT on of Piolis picks bad play that hurt. You ignore Bowe not playing like a number 1. You ignore The fact that the offense we did have came largely from one of Piolis picks. In fact all the Tds came from Pioli's guys and not Herm and cps. But why bring that up you will ignore that to. Come on My man don't you see that it goes past just Piloi's guys. The guys you keep talking about being "our best players" didn't do anything today to help. Cassel did far more then Bowe did. As did Mccluster. But ya keep putting all the blame on the 2 guys you don't like