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My initial record was 6-10, then I changed it to 7-9. How about we meet halfway and go over/under 8.5 wins?
Or is it just reading comprehension? ..........

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What about 6.5?

Not that I bet on anything I don't control.... But I find it sloping interesting that you attack my confidence, despite that I have admitted to NOT being confident, while you are as.confident as can be, having labelled this game a "MUST WIN", meaning that the loss eliminates us from playoff contention.

So why would you not propose a line at your prediction, instead of at mine?

I bet (HYPOTHETICAL, OF COURSE,) you would find a bettor at 6.5 O/U.

Show YOUR confidence. I have already expressed mine.

But I have also, repeatedly expressed that I am not confident in Matt Cassel. It is only your far ended opinion that makes you think.I am.

You think he is garbage, and I think has done well and could become a very good QB.

At every turn, you fail to grasp reality, and instead invent others' opinions for them.