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Cassel played pretty well IMO. Regarding his faults:
He had 2 interceptions, one was caused from a tipped pass by Moeaki which was not Cassel's fault. The other was a very bad decision by Cassel that was the result of him trying to make a play because the game was slipping away. The 2nd int was entirely his fault.

Cassel's fumble was the result of getting hit on his blind side. You can thank Mr. Branden Albert for that one, again not Cassel's fault. Sean Weatherspoon made several of our OL look like school girls today. Especially in the 2nd half.

Plenty of blame to go around after giving up 40 points, but I don't think the blame lies on the offense.

Let's talk about how Atlanta WR's were routinely open. They weren't making great catches, they were WIDE open. We got zero pass rush, NONE.

Cassel will have bad games this season, but this was not one of them. The defense/DC carries the brunt of this home opener beatdown.
The bad defense not only hurt in the points allowed but it took us out of our offense. The game was a shoot out anyones game until we missed a field goal and they got up 2 scores when the defense is playing the way ours was and you're down 2 scores you have to start throwing more to try to keep up. The Bad defense had a bad effect on the offense as well. Cassel had some bad moments but the bad defense helped add to the bad offense in the 2nd half.