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15 games until we clean house
Keep pretending to be rooting for The Chiefs.

You and I know that you cheered when Matt Cassel threw that second INT last weekend. Did you cheer outloud?

We both know that you will be thrilled with every slight imperfection you see from Matt Cassel, and any player brought here by Scott Pioli.

You were absolutely not right about 2011. You were not here on this account then, but I guarantee that you had this team at no better than 5-11, and they finished two games better despite the incredible player losses.

I guarantee that you were wrong about 2010. Pioli and Cassel were both here, so no need to try and convince me that you had high expectations.

It is one thing to have low expectations. I have been there plenty of times.

It is even reasonable to think that a player, coach or GM is wrong for the team. I think almost all sports team fans have been there.

But when you are rooting against your team, you are no longer a fan of that team. Say what you want, but when you are happy at the suffering of a team, then you are not a fan of that team.

I know Raiders fans, and Broncos fans who are not nearly as thrilled with seeing The Chiefs struggle as you have been, just since having this MMO account on here.

And if you really aren't Timmy, then you need to seek him out, because he is the only person I have ever known to claim fandom of a team that he literally rooted against.

Think back to your first banning here. Do you remember screaming out your joy when The Broncos made an INT against The Chiefs?

I think you have a genuine hatred for The Chiefs that has been going on for several years.

And I think you have an obsession with trolling The Crowd.