So last week is just that, last week. Lets look forward to the future, which is our game at Buffalo this week.

Information out of Buffalo is that their main RB Fred Jackson is hurt and will likely not play this week. As is David Nelson. However, their backup RB is no slouch in CJ Spiller.

Also, they have the inconsistent Fitzpatrick at QB.

Good news for us is that according to ESPN (link:Ty Warren suffers another serious injury - AFC West Blog - ESPN, Crennel says B. Flowers should play for us this week. Tamba Hali should also be back and hopefully he will want to make it up to the Chiefs that he wasnt there for them last week. With Flowers and Hali back, I think our Pass D will improve significantly.

Buffalo is primarily a running team, and I have high hopes that we will be able to shut down their rushing game. They will have Mario Williams on defense, so hopefully B. Albert will be able to protect Cassel's blindside better this game.