I don't want to hear we have to stay the course and ride through what is developing.

Romeo has failed miserably at being HC/DC. Do what's best for the team and give one or the other up. I'd prefer he stays as DC. If Hunt/Pioli are truly concerned about winning its time to check everyone's ego at the ****ing door and shake this organization up.

I have supported these guys as long as I could and there isn't one good thing that came from today. In time and travel it costs me around $800 to go see a game and I refuse to spend another dime going to Arrowhead until they right this ship. They simply are not providing a product to meet the cost of attending any of their games.

Look at the game tape and everyone that quit on a play today needs to have their *** benched next week. Put Quinn in to start what difference is it going to make, we will be 0-6 at the bye anyway.

I have never been so disappointed in the Chiefs players as I am today, the Gannon/Grbac debockle was the last time I was truly pissed off at this team, but that wasn't the players giving up.

It's time for a change now.