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Thats not my thought process at all. Your original post seemed to be throwing the entire team under the bus (I read it that way anyways) so I was just defending what we do have. What would you want changed? Sadly, our most controversial positions that are discussed frequently are QB and Coach...you can't win without both of those. I can't imagine starting from scratch again, there are a lot of players on this roster that could easily find starting spot homes somewhere else. What exactly would you change?

Romeo being head coach and defensive coordinator both.

He has failed at doing this and there is still time this year to fix what we have. Put Mo Carthon in charge of the offense and RAC in charge of the defense, job titles are worthless anyway.

I would give the start to Quinn next week, if he somehow does good go with him. (I think Quinn sucks personally) Matt needs to give a better effort, I don't know if he's complacent in knowing he's going to be the starter or what, he needs to be checked.

Make a change at the top and show this group of guys its all about whats best for the team. Just do something, I have sat through three years of waiting for Haleys ideas to blossom that didnt, dont make us wait for a miracle to turn around whats clearly not working this time.