After our 2nd consecutive blowout loss to start the season, I put forth several glaring needs that Pioli should had addressed by now - his 4th year:

1. Quarterback - Cassel is a backup at best
2. Right Corner - Routt not the answer
3. Free Safety - Lewis/Daniels special teamers at best
4. Kick Returner - Arenas not getting it done
5. Left ILB - Belcher looks lost
6. Left DE - Tyson Jacksons time has come and gone
7. Right DE - Dorseys time has come and gone
8. Left Guard - Lilja getting blown away - maybe start Allen

We shouldn't be as bad as we are in now, our 4th year of the Pioli era. Therefore:

9. General manager
10. Head Coach
11. Offensive Coordinator
12. Defensive Coordinator

Obviously, I'm frustrated.