First one against the wall when I am king;

Pioli - This mess is all on him. Fire him first so after he gets done packing his **** he can go over and start helping his 60 million dollar QB start packing too.

Cassel - Anyone who's response to an oncoming pass rush is to drop into the fetal position shouldn't be playing football.

Daboll - Only this guy could find a way to be ineffective with the talent this team has offensively.

An honorable mention would be a smack upside the head for RAC. I don't get paid for my ability to see what is going on in a football game or evaluate players but that doesn't mean I am blind. What is DOES mean is that if I can see what's going on and someone who is getting paid cannot, something is very very wrong.

First: Berry isn't 100%. He cannot play his unconventional role in defense right now. Berry at whatever % he is, is still better than most safeties in football but they need to put him in the conventional safety spot because he is one of the few players we have who can tackle. Where they have him playing right now he is not fast enough to get there to MAKE the tackle. Maybe next season his knee will be good enough but right now he is not the Berry he was.

Second: Fire the equipment manager. The Chiefs were slipping and sliding all over the field in Buffalo while the Bills were sure footed. This means one team had on the right cleats and one did not. Guess who didn't.

Third: Remind Hali that everyone knows he's the pass rusher so maybe he should stay at home for a little bit incase there is a draw play coming right at him.

Fourth: Charles doesn't have the same speed. Keep him in the rotation to keep him in the system and give him more time to heal.

Fif: Hillis is a beast, give him the ball. I am going to break my TV the next time Hillis picks up 4-6 yards on first down and they pull him out. This isn't very complicated and only Daboll could **** this up. You hammer them with Hillis. Then you keep hammering them with Hillis. When they are down 2 or 3 defensive players and the people who are left in there are beat to ****, you bring in Draughn or Charles. You don't let Charles get hammered on while the defense is fresh, that is what meathead #40 is for.