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    Quote Originally Posted by azchiefsfan View Post
    On paper this team and season looked really good. The really good players that he spent money on are simply not playing. This is a coaching issue. I hate to say it, but it seems to me Crennel is the biggest problem. We are looking like Cleveland II.

    Crennel is to blame for a lot of this. You are right, this team looks just like the Cleveland Browns. But its deeper then that. It starts at the top. Ownership, Hunt is clearly ok to just have a mediokra team that pays the bills and leaves him a lot of cash. He has made it very clear with his conserative actions, hiring and keeping pioli, and hiring coaches, with dual purposes, Haley and Romeo, and just getting by with his fancy draft picks that keep selling tickets.

    The only way this will change if the fans, ticket holders quit buying tickets. This would force him, them to invest to win and not just invest to built wealth. We have seen them listen to the fans two out of the last 3 years, on the first round picks, both Berry and Poe were fan favorites. In reality qb was the biggest need, but they listened to the fans, and got Berry and Poe. Lets make them listen.

    Cassel will ALWAYS make any OL look terrible, also his WR's will always look bad as he throws very inaccurately, and throws a hard to catch ball. He is very predictable to any defense.

    Now to the OL. Even Palko made our last years OL look like a good to very good OL. And Palko would not have made third string on any other team. Even in NE, Cassel was the most sacked, QB in the nfl that year. Why are people so blind and can't see this.

    The two touchdown passes were completely meaningless, (except for stats for both Bowe and Cassel)and would very likely not have happened if the Bills were really trying to keep us from scoreing.

    I dont give the Defense a pass as they sucked big time. But why would they want to keep on trying if the O don't try. They get paid even in they loose, and no matter how well they play, they will still loose if they O doesn't score. On the Offense we had the most 3 and outs I've ever seen.

    We are without the leader that leads when things are down. And that starts at the very top.
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