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No they can not. The problem lies in the coaching, today I refuse to believe that all that went well up until the end of the Cards game was the anomaly.

No excuses, just fix it.
I agree with the coaching comment. We now have the Kansas City Browns. If you couldn't see this disaster coming, it's because you don't live in central Ohio and were able to see Romeo at his best week after week in Cleveland. He cannot properly plan for a game. Even as DC for this team, he's been responsible for 10 blow-out losses in the last 22 games. Some at home to very bad teams (a winless Miami comes to mind). You want a team to mimic their coach's attitude and passion. Romeo looks like he's ready for happy hour 10 minutes after they get drilled. That's not the kind of 'do what it takes to win' attitude that gets you to the playoffs. This org has made very bad choices for several years now.