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    Quote Originally Posted by chief31 View Post
    There is a whopping two games to suggest that we are not headed in the right direction.

    Missing the playoffs by a single game in 2011, especially considering the whopping effect of all the injuries, and winning the division the prior season are pretty far from.proving that this team is not heading in the right direction.
    I work in management of a highly intense, and fast paced business. We will net millions this year, but we could do so much more if we were properly staffed. I *know* what confusion looks like, and it looks like the Chiefs defense. That's micromanagement at its friendliest. You just can't ask a head coach to also run the entirety of another department. The Lombardi days are gone forever. Romeo struggled as a head coach the last time he had an opportunity, so please, PLEASE tell me why, Mr. Blue Sky, he would have any more success head coaching AND running the defense at the same time?

    There's a reason that Derrick Johnson has gone from one of the best coverage linebackers in the league to one of the worst. There's a reason that our defense as a whole is scrambling to figure out their assignments on nearly every play. There's a reason we went from being formidable on defense to giving up big plays at will. You CAN NOT run a skeleton crew in this league. You CAN NOT ask a coach to work two jobs anymore than you can ask Brandon Flowers to cover *both* X and Y receivers at the same time, and you CAN NOT expect to win a championship when you're blatantly understaffed.
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