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It wouldn't work with the current roster I agree with your post. Say hypothetically what do you think about adding the few missing pieces and scrapping this NT issue that has plagued us since we switched to the 34 though?
I think we are better suited to stay 3-4 and wait a year for Poe to fill that role. Honestly, he has played better than I expected him to so far. I think he will fill that role fine next year, and excel the following years. But it has only been 2 games, so it is hard for me to really say what would be best. I think we should wait and see. If we are 0-4, 0-6 then I would say we should start considering drastic changes.

Personnel wise, I think we are well built for a 3-4, its just the coaching has suffered. I want to see how things go the next couple weeks. In another thread the only changes I made were giving Crennel an ultimatum. Fix the D by week XX or force him to make Emmit Smith the DC.