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Thread: Can this team be saved with what we already have?

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    Default Can this team be saved with what we already have?

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    If I was Pioli, I would make the following changes in an attempt to turn this thing around with what we already have on this roster:

    Coaches -
    HC: Jim Zorn
    OC: Maurice Carthon
    DC: Emmitt Thomas

    Offense -
    QB: Brady Quinn
    RB: Shaun Draughn
    FB: P. Hillis
    C. : R. Hudson
    LT: B. Albert
    RT: E. Winston
    LG: J. Allen
    RG: D. Stephenson
    TE: T. Moeaki
    WR: J. Baldwin
    WR: D. Bowe

    Defense (back to 4-3) -
    DT: D. Poe
    DT: J. Powe
    DE: G. Dorsey
    DE: T. Jackson
    LB: T. Hali
    LB: J. Houston
    LB: D. Johnson
    SS. E. Berry
    FS: A. Elam
    CB: B. Flowers
    CB: J. Arenas

    Obviously, bring in Charles for Draughn when he is healthy, or use a combo of both. And, of course, get McCluster in there for 3 wide receiver sets, and maybe even to return kicks.

    After 2 consecutive blowout losses - why not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AkChief49 View Post
    On that point, we were one blocked field goal from winning the Div. last year. We beat the only unbeaten team, shut down the Donks who beat the Steelers in a playoff game. We ended the year on a big + note.

    Like you said of teams reaching their stride later on in the season, this team virtually rose from the dead and almost made the post season. As a result, expectations were high coming into this season for a lot of fans. (guilty)

    To be a champion caliber team you cannot (in my opinion) keep laying eggs in your first games year in and year out. You cannot count on an 8-8 or 9-7 season putting you in the post season. Just ask Matt about the 11-5 season he had with the Pats and missed the PS. For that matter we missed the PS with a 10-6 record in 2005. Each and every game counts! (Green Bay may grow even more angry by the time seeding comes around)
    We are a fairly young team, but I really thought the D would be better out of the gates. They seem to be righting things. I hope Huston can keep up the pace, he is morphing into a beast.

    I love me some Chiefs!! I get mad at them, I'll yell at them(they cannot hear me).

    Last week was awesome. I do not care what the pundits say, "It's not so hard anymore to win in NO"
    "NO has the worse defense in the league"
    None of that matters, this team went into the Superdome, fell behind 24-6 to a team as desperate as they were for a win, and won the game. That's hard to do anywhere against anyone. I got to watch that game (one of the few they show up here) and for the D to choke out the Saints the way they did was pretty incredible.

    I guess my expectations are always a little high for this team. I should temper them sometimes, but after all I am a fanatic

    Our D plays tough all 4 quarters it's Chiefs-28 Dolts-17 for the win- Stay thirsty, my friends
    Oh man thats overlooked a lot. Despite being looked back on as a pretty much failed season, by many. As you said, we very nearly made the post-season. Twice! There were TWO blocked kicks. This is also why I'm not surprised that the Donks aren't lighting things up, even with Peyton.

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    Fans really weren't ready for that terrible start. I'm just glad to see nobody jumping ship (yet).

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    Quote Originally Posted by bricooper78 View Post
    Won't say I disagree, but this is a little late to the party there bub you guys on a week long delay on dish??

    That stat on top offense is yards. Who's the top SCORING offense? Washington Redskins, 33.0 PPG/Average. KC is 17th with 22.7 PPG/Average.
    You said that, end zone. And I know you know, all the yards in the world mean absolutely jack if you aren't scoring... kinda like dating

    oh, BTW, KC is the 28th Ranked team in Defense so far, giving up 33 PPG/Avg.
    (Tossing some stats in to help your cause)
    The Seattle Seahawks are the top team D, 13PPG/Avg.
    Soooo...just to get things straight...we have the #1 offense (YPG) so all they need to do is start putting it in the end zone...and improve the defense...Its exactly what I said before but Im glad I could slow it down for you.

    Point being...the offense is moving the ball, the defense is the one putting us in the holes.
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