For the first 2 weeks I have defended Matt Cassel. I felt that he was being unfairly called out and others were getting a hall pass. Not that I have felt Cassel had played well but the whole team was playing poorly. Today was the first time I saw him alone hurting this team. I'm mostly talking about the passes to Mccluster and Hillis that both seemed to have gotten hurt adjusting to a poorly throw ball. THAT CAN'T HAPPEN. This team can not afford to lose guys because the QB can't get them the ball without them getting hurt. That is hurting the team and it's something that ONLY Matt Cassel can control. Cassel has to play better or we need to cut bait get the balls to make a move. This was not a great D he went against and he couldn't finish drives at all. You're not going to win 99% of the time when you settle for 3 over and over and over again. Matt Cassel today was one of the biggest problems on this team. As I stated I am calling him out for it. Cassel needs to feel some pressure for his job and it needs to be real pressure. Getting guys hurt will kill this team.