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Blaming Cassel for McCluster's arm giving out?

This is just ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.

And wait, there's more. He led a WR into some traffic? Yeah. Tom Brady was tying to attend some of his WRs' funerals in the next few days too.

There is no QB who does not lead his receivers into some traffic sometimes. And Cassel has been no worse about that than any QB.

He was looking sloppy yesterday, despite the countless extended drives he helped sustain.

But the great lengths that some people will go to to try and add unwarranted blame on the guy is laughable.

Like it or not, and even though JC was the obvious spark plug, Matt Cassel was a big part of how this team came back to win yesterday.

And prior the second half of yestrday's game, he was the only part of this team that was doing anything at all.
I have to disagree about not putting blame on Cassel for Mccluster he got hurt while making the adjustment to the ball. If the ball is thrown well then he doesn't have to make the adjustment to the ball.

The one to Hillis I don't think was on Cassel after seeing the play again.

I don't hate Cassel and I have defended him all year but there were times Cassel's poor throwing was putting guys in harms way. Bowe also could have been hurt on one of them. That can't happen if this continues I think giving Quinn a shot to see if he can do better isn't such a bad move. I don't know that Quinn would but If Cassel isn't getting better then you never no what if any Quinn can do.