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My recollection of the injury is that DMC jumped and turned to catch the ball. As he straightened his body out and was coming down, his feet were not directly under him. As he was going down, he put his arm out to catch himself and try to stay up and keep moving. The force of his body falling was too much in the wrong direction and his elbow bent the wrong way.

Just wanted to clarify. He hurt it not from the catch so much as from how he landed/trying to stay up.

Here is (surprisingly) the only video I can find of the injury online. It comes at roughly 2:04 seconds and doesnt show the catch, just the attempt at staying up. Obviously if you are queasy about seeing limbs bending the wrong way, you may not want to watch it.

That is the first time I've seen that and have only one thing to say about it...OUCH!!!!!