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matt cassel doesnt need to be fired. well perhaps he does, but not for the reasons i think most people feel.

matt cassel needs SERIOUS DEVELOPMENT! the kid has some talent, but his pass accuracy and timing is awful! these things could BE FIXED.

things that are harder to fix are knowing how to handle pressure. cassel has a problem with that, but he seems to be getting used to having his life threatened on nearly every play.

In a vacuum, yeah this all looks like its cassels fault. But who's the guy responsible for teaching this guy!?!? wheres the flippin coaching? under weis, cassel was making strides stepping back 3 steps and firing quick and firing fast. and he was a much more accurate, more effective quarterback for it.

So whos in the trenches working with him on improving this ongoing problem that is not getting any better!? If that guys not doing the job, whos responsible for getting someone in there who will!?

This is an utter coaching failure from top to bottom.

This team, cassel included, has talent (a lot of it). but its so unprepared during gametime that its literally an embarrassment to the game.

i want to see coaches proverbial head rolls.
I am not sure all of this can be laid at the feet of the coaches. Cassel has been tough, he has been asked to do a lot and he has really tried his best. It is unfortunate, but his best is just not enough. I really wanted it to be different, I really did, but I have not seen any improvement for this kid since he came through the doors.

There are two opposing arguments on this:

1. The coaches he has have not trained him to get better.
2. He has had new coaches and new schemes almost every year since he has been here.

Honestly, we have seen both issues and neither of them have helped. We have hired and fired coaches over how well this team has played. Cassel has never been that guy that can take the game, place it on his shoulders and carry it home, he has always needed others for that. He is not a good quarterback, but he is the best we have.

So we are stuck now. Honestly, I think the problem with Cassel has been that he has played behind a horrible offensive line for so long that he hears and feels a pass rush even when there isn't one. I think teams have figured out that if they rattle his carge early, that he will give up. It certainly seems the case now.