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Orton would be a better option than Cassel. He seemed to have more "football sense" than Cassel did with his ability to sustain drives. It seems Pioli is hell-bent on Cassel leading this team - as it was his decision to make him our franchise QB. This was just another of Pioli's mistakes since he's been here. I think Pioli let Orton go to eliminate a probable QB controversy. It seems Pioli is more interested in covering up his mistakes than putting a winner on the field. Harsh, maybe, but thats how I see it.
Uh, Remember when we claimed Orton last year. He basically he openly showed his displeasure with the Chiefs picking him up and basically held himself out a couple days making it almost impossible for him to be ready to play that week yet alone the following week.

He didn't want to be here.

And to be honest, while I instantly saw the difference between the two in how they read progressions. He is still very inconsistent and has one good game followed with 2 average to bad games. He played good against Green Bay, but then tanked the following weak against Oakland when the Chiefs had a chance to make the play offs and threw two interceptions and struggled to help the offense move the ball.

Picking between Cassle and Orton is basically picking your poison. They both will probably give you the same type of production through out the year.