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Thread: Official Petition to bench Matt Cassel is spreading

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    Post Official Petition to bench Matt Cassel is spreading

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    "We the fans of The Kansas City Chiefs, on this 1st day of October 2012, have elected to voice our overwhelming discontent with the current Quarterback of our beloved NFL football team, Matt Cassel. We will not stand idly by as our team and city are disgraced by poor performance. Let this petition mark the beginning of a new era of professional athletics wherein the customer (us) elect the best man to represent not only our team but our city as well. Like our four fathers, we expect our actions to be met with controversy, and like our four fathers we will overcome it!"

    I cant post the link but its on ipetitions dot com slash petitions slash fire-matt-cassel

    I signed it, and I implore you all to do the same!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Connie Jo View Post
    REP!!! I totally agree! Geno Smith is my preference for a QB pick in 2013 also, and...he has been my preference even before his amazing 8 TD game, lol. I jumped on the GS fan wagon 2-3 wks. ago. Kid is amazing! GO CHIEFS!!!!
    And a rep here to you. 6 TD passes in the Orange Bowl against Clemson last January. Big time performance in a big time game....exactly the type of guy the Chiefs need under Center in 2013. I also had been on his bandwagon for a couple of weeks after doing some study on him. He's right up there with RGIII.

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    Quinn isnt the answer I hate him!!! I loved every second watching him in the green room getting passed on over and over..

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    Yea Im definately for drafting a QB like Geno Smith. Im suspicious of Matt Barkley coming out of USC too.

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