Joshua Cribbs said his family no longer wants him to play football.

The Cleveland Browns wide receiver/return man was knocked out cold during a loss to the Baltimore Ravens last week. Linebacker Dannell Ellerbe unleashed the type of hit that makes you cringe at home.

"My wife was hysterical," said Cribbs, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported. "My whole family was crying. They were scared. They don't want me to play anymore.

"But I'm not afraid."

That's a strong statement from a spouse and family member. I've talked to several wives that get frightened because of the risks the game presents, but none of them went that far. To ask someone to a walk away from the game and all the perks and security that comes with being an NFL player is a life-changing request.

Cribbs practiced Wednesday and said he's ready to roll this week. He doesn't remember the hit, but had no swelling of the brain, headaches or concussion symptoms. Doctors told Cribbs it was better that he lost conciousness.

"I have a kill switch," Cribbs said. "I don't remember the hit. I didn't feel the hit. I remember walking off. I wanted to play. I wanted to go back in the game. They had to hide my helmet so I wouldn't try to."

Cribbs joked, smiled and laughed during the interview. Hopefully, that's a sign his family has is feeling better about the situation.