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The Chiefs franchise is and has always been aware that some fans aren't happy when we lose games & seasons. These are very intelligent, experienced, knowledgeable professionals who own & manage a mega million dollar franchise.

Their personal history of experiences related to the NFL, successes & accomplishments throughout their career's are far beyond that of any amateur spectating fan who observes the game from a distance, be it at home in front of their TV or in the stands at Arrowhead. Fans do not, & will never have the life history, personal experience, & knowledge of the game the professionals do who walk in the shoes of a franchise owner, GM, coach, or players cleats.

There are countless extremely complex business factors related to building a successful franchise in the NFL far beyond the field of play we amateur spectating fans observe. We don't have a clue what is occurring behind the scenes in the NFL, an individual franchise, nor locker room. For any one of us to think for a second we can fill the shoes of a franchise owner, NFL exec./GM, coach or player...is beyond arrogant.

I am a fan, an amateur spectating fan who has a passion for the game & her favorite franchise...I am nothing more than that. It is my role as a fan to enjoy every aspect of her passion possible. It is my role as a fan to support my team while attending games, creating noise as a 12th player factor helping the defense, boosting morale of my team. My first priority has always been, & will always be...spending time creating priceless cherished memories among family & friends related to the Chiefs. Win or lose the game, as a fan I never lose personally, rather am so very blessed & grateful for the opportunities to be a fan.

Winning the game is a bonus, but the objective for me as a fan is to have fun making the most of life's opportunities my buddy above provides me with. I am grateful for every moment of life, for every opportunity to enjoy life, rather not ungrateful for what I don't have or want. Life is too damn short to waste moments unnecessarily feeling negative emotions, or being ungrateful not recognizing my blessings, the silver lining in dark clouds...because my favorite football team is losing.

You think you have it rough because your favorite football team is losing again..go visit St. Jude Children's Hospital in Memphis. Go visit the families who have lost their sons & daughters in the Middle East, or spend every day worrying they might get that knock on the door any moment in time. Go visit the patients laying in hospital beds fighting for their life. Go visit the safe houses for victims of domestic violence. Go visit the city missions filled with those jobless, homeless, hungry, the uneducated poor who can't afford education. Go on...go tell them all how angry, miserable, & bitter you are because your football team is losing.

This and...

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Maybe not on this site, but I can assure you, that I've personally witnessed many fans across the internet and at Arrowhead...whose anger, hate, bitterness, and obsessing over the Chiefs losses, have escalated to a point of being a life priority for them. To each their own life priorities, respectably.

If people choose to spend their precious life moments dwelling negatively on the Chiefs losses, rather than enjoying the positive aspects of life...that is their right.

We're all on the clock of life. GO CHIEFS!!!