I know everyone active on this forum is a diehard Chiefs fan. Shoot, I'm a diehard and always will be one, but the decisions that continue to be made are absolutely ludicrous, and Clark Hunt and Pioli don't care one lick about what any of their financial providers think.

I know, I know, don't go nuts on the success or failure of the Chiefs. Guess what? When I support a team, I expect their best effort to being successful, and even if they aren't, at least do whatever it takes to make the team stronger. The sole fact that this team continues to run Cassel on that field tells me that they could care less about the raining of boos after every interception.

But wait! At least we have a team right? Well, let me tell everyone what most Chiefs fans are thinking right now. Why watch a team that is so awful? I could be riding my bike, or spending the day with the family, or go out to eat with friends. Why should I torture myself watching this team be a laughing stock and not even care? By the time Peyton Manning shows up, Arrowhead will be a complete ghost town.

Some of you probably know that I'm a big Royals fan too. While they've been terrible too, the sad thing is that both franchises are being run far too similar. It's the Walmart way people. The owners don't care about spending money, the GMs think they can get a miracle season from some of the key cogs on the team and everything will just magically happen like it did in 2010 for the Chiefs. Guess what? Flukes happen and won't last forever, and by that, I mean Cassel. Of course, he's not the only problem, but he's the biggest one because he's the supposed leader of the team.

I know this is a rant and I don't care. The only way action will be taken is if no one goes to Arrowhead, period. Clark Hunt needs to know that this will not be acceptable and the only way he'll know that is to continuously see an empty stadium. Local fans are even trying to buy a blimp every week running a banner that says "Fire Pioli, Bench Cassel". That's the magnitude of what fans are going through to end the stench of failure that Pioli and his regime have put this fanbase through.

Alright, that's my piece, flame away.