Connie you and I agree most of the time but something needs to change, if nothing changes you will get the same results, if you keep failing a test because you answer the questions the same you will continue to fail until you answer them different. I think it is the QB, we have to upgrade it somehow. As much as I have supported Matt, watching the last game and him not being able to hit his receivers I can support him no longer. I no longer feel he can take us to a SB look at his record against wining teams it is atrocious, he usually does not hit his recievers in stride and a most of his passes the recievers have to leave their feet to catch so not much YAC. It appears to me that the team has lost their confidence in him, now they will never come out and say it, that is why Orton looked so good last year the team had confidence in him and played for him. I feel he is one of the reasons that Bowe does not want to sign a long term contract here, I think he wants to go to a good QB and not one that is always exposing him to the hard hit.