I've always been a person of in depth forethought, as I believe forethought is by far more valuable than hindsight. Being forced to learn lessons the hard way from hindsight is often prevented by giving serious forethought to a decision prior to making it.

Pioli has never been a person of impulsiveness, he's very articulate and thorough. Sure, he makes mistakes, just like every other human being does. No GM drafts or signs FA's without some busts. A player that fails with one team, often succeeds with another, vice versa.

There simply are no guaranteed successes in the NFL, most every decision made is a gamble on all levels. It's a process of trial, error, & elimination to achieve success long term. Short term fixes aren't a solution, nor often do they end up even a temporary fix. Expecting championships from a newly built franchise/team in less than 5 yrs.. is not the norm in the NFL, it's the rare exception.