I will put blame where blame is due... For the most part this year Bowe has been miserable... a few good plays also playing with no heart .. Would like to trade him before we lose him to free agency... wish we would have franchised Brandon Carr instead ... D had a great day especially Houston but I am sure there are some that could step up .... Charles needs to get his fumbling problem fixed PERIOD .. although if you feed him every down he is going to be more likely to drop a couple .. still inexcusable... He does however make up for his mistakes most of the time. Crennel is a pu$$y he needs to stand up and take control of this team and quit excusing everything that happens... I can see why he keeps losing head coach jobs and Pioli refuses to admit that Cassel is NOT a starting QB in this league... But drops and tipped balls excused Cassel is still NOT GOOD... and he needs to go away.

If Quinn can play full games like he played a few downs could work going forward we will just have to see.