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As we all know, throughout the off-season there were a lot of debates about Cassel. I was one of the people that defended him, but I always qualified it by saying that this was his year to put up or shut up and go away.

And for me, a third of the way through this season, it's time for Cassel to shut up and go away. I think his time in KC is done.

Will Quinn or Stanzi be any better? NO CLUE. Sure, Quinn looked good, but in my experience almost any quarterback coming in off the bench looks good....at least for a couple of drives. The change in a QB's style almost always seems to confuse the opposing defense for a few series. And the team always seems to rally around the QB coming in off the bench and play a little harder for him.

I'm all done with Cassel as our starting QB. I have no faith in him. The fan base has no faith in him. The team doesn't seem to have any faith in him. Time for him to go.

Will Quinn or Stanzi be any better? I don't know, but let's just say I wouldn't bet the mortgage on it. Was Orton any better than Cassel last year? Maybe a little, but only a little. He was nothing special. And I doubt Quinn or Stanzi are anything special either.

IMO it is time management started SERIOUSLY scouting the QBs who will be available in the draft this year and started figuring out what they are going to do to get a us a high enough draft pick to get the one they think is best. Because I don't see ANY of the QBs currently on our roster as being the guy that is going to lead us to a playoff win more to the point a Superbowl appearance.
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