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Thread: angry fans do flyover

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    Default angry fans do flyover

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    I was at Lowe's a few hours ago and an employee told me about this. and we're mad ?? !!!  325]

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    On the bright side, we got to learn something. I now understand what $1600 flying away looks like.
    That is funny. And who ever criticizes.them for spending there money on it has no right to. Cuz like one of you said why dont they criticize the ones who has season tickets and pay for the parking and food cuz that could go to charity as well. And if i remember correctly it wasnt one person doing it and it was several chipping in. It was a great idea but though not sure if it would make a difference but at this point what could it hurt atleast they tried to send a message to the chiefs. Only thing i think will make a difference if people stopped buying tickets. Anyways everyone wastes money one way or another.

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