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I had written the idea of Cowher ever coming back here even if he ever did come back to coaching, until he made the comments he made on Sunday. Before the game he predicted the Chiefs would still go 10-6 and win the West. Saying the team had way too much talent to be 1-3.

The odds are still low that he ever would come back here, but it gave me a bit of hope that he was making a hidden statement to management. I kinda see this team like San Fran a couple years ago. They were way underachieving with their coach. A competent coach comes in and takes them to the Championship game the next year and now they are a very competitive team and likely to be a perennial playoff contender.

I heard the same thing. That was an interesting statement to me and I see the same thing you do. I think Cowher could come in here with this team and do some pretty incredible things.

Someone said he could come in as DC? Not going to happen, not even in the wildest upside down dream you could imagine. If Cowher comes in here he is going to be in charge. I would tend to see it to be more like what is in New England when Pioli was there. Cowher would be in charge of everything and Pioli would be handling player personnel and the front office.

Cowher would be making all the calls on coaching, players to be drafted/signed and running of the team. Pioli would be responsible for making that happen.

Damn, I get excited just thinking about, even as much a long shot as it is.