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Thread: Question to all anti-Cassel people

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    Default Question to all anti-Cassel people

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    So I am curious and just was wondering if someone could give me a rational argument as to why so many people are calling for Cassels head and loathe him so much.

    He was a solid pro bowl quarterback in 2010 and got off to a shaky start before getting hurt last year and now he is coming back from an injury. Quarterbacks are always shaky coming back from an injury and their play can be inconsistent. Peyton Manning had some real bad games as did Tim Brady after his knee injury. I guess I'm curious as to why so many people despise Cassels when there are so many other glaring holes on this team and he has proven to be a pro bowl caliber quarterback.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kcnation View Post
    he was not a pro bowl qb in 2010,he was a replacement for an injured player.also that year which he had good numbers was against all garbage teams,we had the bottom feeders that year and some of us could have had the same success that year.cassel sucks,thats the bottom line.we need a new qb and we need one now.
    Sorry but this is a BS excuse for why Cassel did well in 2010. THose "garbage teams" beat Drew Brees twice and Peyton manning. So is Cassel better then them? EVERY win in the NFL is earned EVERY win counts Give him credit where it's due.

    Does he need to go yes but don't just give hate give the man a tad of credit for the good times he had.
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