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D-Bowe then? JC?

Matt has made some big plays. Would have been more.if not for the dropped passes, turned INTs.

The REAL meltdown, for me, is the fanbase.

I went to my first ever Chiefs game and had a "You suck" banner being flown around the stadium, and many fans cheering our own player's injury.

I have always had a bad impression of Bears fans, living in Illinois. But I now believe that all teams fans have that in them.

It makes it even.worse seeing the "f*** you ya p***y" attitude that responds to sentiments like mine.

This is the perfect example of what happens when the fans have had enough! Its been 20 years since we have won a playoff game. For most fans thats not good enough. Obviously it perfectly ok with you.

There were many more good fans there then were bad ones. Mostly the fans have just had it, this team will never win a big year with Cassel, we all know that, that does not make Cassel a bad guy, it just shows that he is NOT the right man for the job.

The fans do not manage this team, nor will they ever do that, however the fans pay ALL the bills and should have a voice in this.

If you are content with winning 3 to 5 games a year then maybe you should consider the Browns as your team. The majority of the Chiefs fans are just not going to stand around and watch things deteriate even more.The Chiefs fans are the Best and most loyal fans in all of football.

Remember its been 20 years! We have waited long enough! I could tell in Cassel's first 5 games that he was NOT the man for the job.

Even you mentioned that the WR's were not playing well. Of coarse they aren't. People, players, soldiers and all of nature tent to follow their leaders.

I'm not even asking you to change your mind because I know you won't. Just could not sit back and be a silent fan.

I LOVE my Chiefs, and EXPECT and DEMAND more!

I even like Cassel, just not as the leader of this offense, even though to tried his very best. He played as hard as he could. He just is NOT the man for the job.