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Chief I'm going to have to go ahead and agree with KCraised. What are you talking about??

All he said is this isn't what a normal game day is like, don't give up on the team and don't let a few idiots sway what you think a game day is like. How was that tearing into you?

I had season tickets...of course for that year when we went 2-14. Past that I've been to about half a dozen Chiefs games. They are some of the most fun things I've ever experienced. The fans are all friendly, even to opposing fans. Sure there's some back and forth but both sides knew it was friendly. What I saw Sunday was embarrassing to me as a fan.

Then to be lumped into a summary of comments by Winston upset me. Sure he went back later but he's a big boy and has been in the NFL for years. He should have cooled off a bit instead of gathering up every reporter and going off. That comment will be out there...forever. Every time a Chiefs crowd does something suspect or a team has a complaint they'll go back and dig up that rant. I'm not pretending that people didn't applaud someone getting hurt. But what you experienced has been a long time boiling. I'm just sorry you were there for the boil over.

I think that this happening has made the team gel a bit...or so I'm hoping. When a group of people spend as much time together as the players do an insult, any insult will make them come together. Just hoping to see that Sunday.

Thanks, op. I had to start looking back at my posts to see if I screwed up on something. Bottom line, Chief31. Arrowhead is an amazing time. Thats why we spend thousands of dollars on season tickets for years. We love the atmosphere. And I want you to enjoy it. I apologize for getting alittle snappy on my last post.
We all gotta stick together. Having the Chiefs be in Dire Straits is bad enough. Having the good fanbase get clobbered for idiot's bad choices is just not acceptable. The wagons are circled but we all need to be on the same side.