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I'm not anti-Cassel. I'm not scoping out his house and tampering with his brake lines. I find it unfortunate that his desire is not proportional to his talent. If he could play QB as well as he wants to, he'd be one of the best.

Sadly he cannot.

I am anti-losing. How can you be a fan of the team and be okay with losing? It isn't like some freak occurence that nobody can puzzle out. Each week the game follows the same kind of pattern which ultimately culminates in the implosion of the QB.

It is obvious to the fans who possess critical thinking skills, it's obvious to the announcers, and it's obvious to the experts who analyze the games afterwards. How can so many people see what is obvious and yet the people who have a front row seat to the car crash each Sunday are oblivious to it?

They cannot be. It's impossible. What's left is a willful disregard for what is best for the team and the persuit of an agenda due to one man's vanity to prove that he is right no matter what. That man isn't Cassel, and I don't blame Cassel for the position he is in.

I record each directv shortcut replay of the games and Cassel looks like a man relieved when he is on the sideline. For him in that instance, for however long, at least it's over. He doesn't have to go under center and be the catalyst of our anger for the people we really hold responsible. Pioli mainly, and Hunt by association for his apparent lack of concern for the franchise.

If Quinn starts, regardless if the outcome is a positive, atleast something DIFFERENT is being attempted and finally the team will stop trying to slam a round peg through a square hole.

The people on here who exclaim that if we were real fans we would support the Chiefs and not be critical of them are of the same mentality as those who claim people critical of the government are not patriotic. It's obviously flawed logic, it doesn't fly and you who have attempted to peddle it should at the least be embarassed for trying to play that card to win an argument.
When you lose for sooo long its easy to be complacent. I mean Carl only one 3 playoff games in his tenure and thats because we had one of the best denenses to have ever played the game and gave joe montana the 2 years more he wanted to play. I mean Im a royals fan, a mizzou tigers fan a blues fan. I was 8 when the royals won a world series I barley remember being excited. Some of us are just used to it. Every time I seem to get excited about my teams I get crushed.