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QB Geno Smith: I can play better | Yardbarker.com

It's an article about the Baylor vs West Virginia game. Geno doesn't make a snarky comment, doesn't come off as a punk. I haven't seen a single instance of this so I'd like to see a video or some kind of news article. Not doubting just want to educate myself so I'm not pushing for Geno if that's true.

But my bigger question is are you really going to judge a QB because he "taunts opposing fans"? If so then Matt Cassel screams mentally weak too. He told his own fans to "shut the **** up".

While there's still a lot of football to go and then the whole interviewing process I think Geno will be vetted between now and the draft. Until then his football games and stats are all I have past this article.
You have doubts that Cassel isn't mentally weak? Do you think Cassel was a QB worth risking a top 5 pick on? I didn't even think that was up for debate. It wasn't just fans Smith got into it with... it was H.S. seniors who were there as UT recruits that he talked **** to the entire 4th quarter... he wasn't even taunting adults...

Guys who operate strictly out of the shotgun are ALWAYS more accurate than drop back NFL style QBs. RGIII comparisons fall way short. If the Chiefs are gonna take a QB in the first, the best they can hope for is the next great bust to come out of USC.