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Dimitroff and Pioli are MILES apart in their respective philosophies. Although both came from the Patriot tree, Dimitroff built the Falcons HIS way - not Belichick's way. He went out and drafted himself a franchise QB - he didn't trade for a backup qb from somebody else.
There is a reason coaches (Fisher) and players (Manning) don't want to be here. That reason is Scott Pioli and his pick up that gum wrapper management style.
All we have ever needed was a good HC and a franchse QB to be a great team. Dimitroff has delivered both to Atlanta - Pioli has delivered neither. Pioli has failed and needs to go - NOW.
Might I suggest you do some research? Scott Pioli is, & has always been an adviser to Dimitroff, including draft advice. Dimitroff calls Pioli for advice, and follows it. IE: He contacted Pioli & Belichick both related to advice on drafting a WR for Atlanta. Belichick advised him not to trade up, to draft Baldwin. Pioli advised him to trade up for Julio Jones, & told Dimitroff that Jones was worthy of giving up to 5 picks for. Dimitroff took Pioli's advice, drafted Jones. Oh, by the way, Pioli drafted Baldwin the same year.

Furthermore, Belichick has been struggling drafting talent since Pioli left, which blows some anti Pioli Chiefs fans theory, that Belichick was the brains behind drafting talent in NE, rather not Pioli.

I'm often in the dark like many fans, so I spend countless hours digging for the truth/facts, doing research, prior to forming judgments. I don't watch TV sports talk shows, nor listen to radio sports, who are nothing more than journalist spectators speculating with individual opinions just like us fans. Yet, many fans take what they hear from sports talk show hosts as being gospel. Media stirs controversy for sake of ratings & profit, self agenda.