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Well, y'all will be disappointed if the current media & other source rumors circulating now are true. Those rumors are, that Clark Hunt has extended Scott Pioli's contract for another 3 years.

Assuming those rumors are true, the only way Scott Pioli will leave KC is if he himself for some reason decides to resign.

And so goes the saying:

"If the blind lead the blind, they both fall into the ditch together"

That will tell anyone all they need to know as to whether the Chiefs are serious about being a playoff contending team or just being a political organization only interested in collecting the profits if Pioli is retained.

I, for one, will not be attending any more Chiefs games, as long as Potato Head is the GM. He can't even begin to be compared to the best GM the Chiefs ever had which was Don Klosterman.

If Pioli is retained, all I can say is good luck Chiefs and Chiefs fans as far as any post-season success is concerned --- you're going to need it.

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There have been no feasible options for Pioli to draft a QB of the talent caliber he's seeking. Colts & Skins had the best two sewn up last year. Skins made it clear they would not be outbid for the Rams #2 spot to obtain RGIII. Colts weren't willing to trade their #1 pick. The remaining QB's were higher risk factors to be busts.
That, my dear, is a crock of BS. In 2011, Andy Dalton was projected as a late 1st rounder, early 2nd rounder & went just 9 picks later at #35 after they selected Baldwin at #26 and they could have easily justified taking Dalton at #26 after trading down. The Chiefs had no viable backup for Cassel or anyone to challenge him at the time. Dalton was a productive college player and a Rose Bowl winner.

Also was Pioli willing to take a chance on Jimmy Clausen with one of those two 2nd round picks in 2010, even though Clausen had played under the new Chiefs OC Weis in 2009 and had a great year?

Just what "QB of talent caliber" is Pioli seeking when he trades the #34 overall pick in 2009 for a backup QB that never started a college game & pays him franchise QB money, without Cassel proving first that he was worthy of it in KC?

A blind man with a cane can see the contradiction, here.