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You must be psychic to be able to know what the fans are cheering, since the cheers are simultaneous with Quinn coming on the field and then cheering again as Cassel walks off the field.

Which happens every time any injured player walks off the field.

But you can obviously peer into the minds of those around you, so congrats for that.
Bro there were people on this website that hoped the injury was severe enough that his career was over. Then they back tracked.

You obviously have more faith in people than I do. Everyone is sooo jealous about cassels money. We gave him a shot it hasnt panned out so far. The dude is a class act and the names people call him because of the way he has played is ludacris given the circumstance he has been dealt, 5 oc's in 4 years. What are we telling our children. If you give a 100% and don't succeed your a sissy. There are 32 starting qbs in the nfl Have you seen the line of qbs play for kansas city. Is matt cassel as bad as elvis grbac, steve bono, brodie croyle. Come on now. This team was in complete disarray his first year here. This team on paper is better than what we have seen. And this lies on our DC/HC.

However with that said I feel we are a game behind where we should be in my eyes I thought that they we would be 3 and 3 going into the bye. We have an awful good shot at being 2 and 4. Until we are completely out of it I don't see the point it *****ing about things out of our control. I mean that green bay packers are 2 and 3 and they are superbowl contenders. Everyone needs to drink a beer and chill the f out.