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Thread: The rest of this team is pretty good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AussieChiefsFan View Post
    Are you in favor of drafting a high 1st round QB? Like #5 or higher. A guy like Geno Smith.
    Quote Originally Posted by #58ChiefsFan View Post
    No matter the outcome of this season we must do this IMO
    My question is what are you willing to give up to get a rookie QB next year. If we do better the rest of the season and end up close to 8-8 (which is what I expect, no matter who is at QB) we may be drafting in the teens.

    At that point what/who are we willing to trade to move up. They way the last couple of drafts have gone, good luck waiting for a decent QB to drop past ~10. Which means we need to trade to move up. Do we do what Washington did and trade 2 1sts and most of this coming years draft?

    The question should be what do you want to give up for a QB in the next draft?

    Im not sure I would be willing to make a trade as big as Washington's to get the consensus #1. If we were able to trade D.Bowe now, it would make it easier, since we would have more draft picks, but it is going to be hard to get anything for D.Bowe at this point in the season with his contract.

    We also have to consider what ctchiefsfan said that if we draft a QB (and give away our next 2 drafts to do so) by the time he would be considered elite, guys like Hali, DJ, JC, Albert, Winston may be considered on the downslope of their careers, and we wouldnt have the draft picks to be able to replace them.
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