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    RAC announced that Kendrick Lewis should be able to play this week and will start. I wonder what, if any, effect this will have on the Defense.

    Also, Dorsey and Hillis are both out.

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    The longer Dorsey is out the less I worry about him and his stock drops IMO. I'd really like to see a healthy Pitoitua for a few games. Glen for the most part has been able to keep from getting hurt though.

    I hope for the best with K-Lew but at this point I'd rather sit him this week, then the bye and have him start. If he's "ready" now just make damn sure it's healed Abe Elam hasn't been the sole reason we are loosing.

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    I think Lewis might be able to help the defense. He had some really good plays last year while trying to fill in for Berry. Looked like he was coming along. Hopefully this keeps up this season for him.
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