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The Cassel defending is as much of a as the bashing. There are other problems on the team. I think the more rational people here have said that. Just because there are other problems too, does not give him a pass. If you are arguing that Cassel is good because Quinn did no better (a guy who could not even play in place of Tebow last year), your standard for quality QB play is misguided at best.

Admitting there are other problems, which many folks that are wanting a QB change have done, does not change him needing replaced after this year.

I am still wanting a new HC at the very least and would not mind if Hunt pulled the plug on Pioli, also. Realistically, I know all three are not going to happen. The best I can hope for? Pioli gets his power pulled a bit by Hunt and he finds a coach that he can give some of that power to. I think the next coach hire should actually be made by Hunt (doubtful). Hire the guy, tell Pioli he has to work with him not over him. The new coach is in charge of picking what he deems as the best QB in the draft. Looking at the way we are going today, probably any QB he wants. Does that mean other personnel changes do not need to happen? NO. More needs to be done.

Should Bowe be offered a contract? NO!! Draft another WR. Make it a burner. We are so hand tied with no down field threat. I could go on and on. Some of the problems may work themselves out. The O-Line is not working yet, but they do tend to improve with time. The more they work together the better they tend to get.
The thing is that Cassel was throwing a lot of INTs, and few people were accepting that it was primarily the receivers' fault.

Today, we got to see that it still is a receivers issue.

I saw a whole lot of what used to be referred to as "excuse making" when it was Cassel, from exactly the same people who had called t excuse making.

I saw.Bike actually ask what receiver had botched the first INT... BIKE DID THAT.

I saw a whole lot of complaining about how Quinn was not.being given enough time in the pocket.

I saw how the play-calling was hurting his performance.

It was nice to see the REAL problems being noticed by the fans.