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Thread: Who do you want to replace RC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AkChief49 View Post
    Hurney: “I understand” why Richardson fired him | ProFootballTalk

    Well, Pioli is never safe. That would be up to Clark. The Panthers just fire their GM for not getting it done. None of these guys should ever feel safe. It's the message Romeo is relating to the team-albeit too late- by changing starters at QB.

    Now, it very well might be that we can kiss any thought of ever getting Cowher back here goodbye as he lives in NC. Perhaps he's been waiting for this opportunity.
    Again, Why do people think a HC knows how to be a GM. Cowher may understand drafting talent and how to coach them up, but does he know anything about running a franchise.

    Or do you mean as HC only.
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