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Thread: Just How Bad the Offense and Quarterback Play Has Been

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    Default Just How Bad the Offense and Quarterback Play Has Been

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    There's a lot of blame being thrown around for the struggles of this team. It really all stems from a terrible offense, led by some atrocious quarterback play. I did some digging this morning into the first 6 games, and here is what I found.

    • The Chiefs Offense has 21 Turnovers in 6 games, and the opposition has scored 74 points off of these turnovers. That is 40% of the points the Chiefs have given up this year. These turnovers fall on the hands of the entire offense (tipped passes, fumbles, bad INTs)
    • The Chiefs offense has scored no touchdowns in the last two games.
    • The Chiefs offense has scored a first half touchdown in two games (ATL and Charles 31-yard run vs SD).
    • Aside from Jamaal Charles touchdown runs of 31 and 91 yards, the only offensive touchdowns since week 1 have come when the Chiefs are down by 3 or more scores.

    This offense is terrible and constantly puts the defense in bad positions with a league high 21 turnovers. All of the rostered quarterbacks on this team are league backups (at best). The quarterback position not been addressed for far too long. We've had different coaches, different offensive personnel. The one constant has always been crappy quarterbacks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brdempsey69 View Post
    I'm well aware of all this. Notwithstanding, my analysis still stands. People have been stating over and over about Cassel holding the ball too long, but if you watch the video of Trent Green, he held the ball just as long in a lot of cases, if not longer. The big difference is the pass-protection that Green was given compared to what Cassel has been given since his arrival in KC in 2009.

    I will grant you that Green had better pocket awareness and could throw the football better than Cassel, but he would've taken the same beating that Cassel has taken if he had to play behind the O-Lines that Cassel has had to play with in KC -- which, quite frankly, is way inferior to the O-Line that Green played behind from 2002 -- 2005.

    First couple of weeks? Go back and watch the Buffalo game. Their Defensive Front 7 obliterated the Chiefs O-Line in that game before Hudson was hurt in the NO game. I saw the same thing in person in the San Diego game.
    I dont disagree that the OL is poor, and I am not trying to blame Cassel. I was just bringing up another possible point of view. In retrospect, the OL has not fared too well against the pass most of the season, but it seems to have gotten worse as the season has progressed. Although, that may be attributed to the defenses recognizing a weakness and exploiting it more.

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