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    Quote Originally Posted by matthewschiefs View Post
    Then you tell me how is it that multiple qbs have had the same issues.
    Because they all are below average NFL QBs. It's that simple, Matt. None of them can throw a deep ball, none of them are accurate on timing routes...they're just not good. It's that simple.

    As far as Orton goes, people saw him as an upgrade to Cassel, and I think that's it. He's still a below average NFL QB.

    Try this on for size. Profootballfocus grades every play of every game for every player. Here is where Cassel ranked among QBs from 2008-2012:

    2009: 38th
    2010 (best season): 20th
    2011: 21st (Orton was 22nd)
    2012: 30th

    Again, this screams BELOW AVERAGE.

    The only QBs Cassel has graded out better than this year are Andy Dalton, Brandon Weeden, and Ryan Fitzpatrick.
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