Well the weather is crappy here so don't feel like doing much. So instead i'm just sitting inside and being disgusted even more by watching/listening/reading everything i can involving the chiefs. For the most part i generally stay pretty quiet on this forum except for gameday. But i figured i would make a post kind of laying out the worries i have with this whole fiasco. PLEASE PLEASE do not make the same mistakes the raiders have/are/and continuing to make. I have been a chiefs fan since montana came here. I've never given up hope and i've never been ashamed of this team until this year. Now i'm not saying i will no longer be a fan because that's just not in my blood to be a quitter. But i am disgusted by not only the team, the organization but by the fans aswell. I don't know if it's ok to talk about it here but i lurk on the other CP forum and am disgusted by all the negative av's, negative threads, and negative signature pictures of the team that i love. As angry as i am at this whole ordeal i would never resort to the garbage i'm seeing from alot of fans. The banner being flown over the stadium? We seriously are becoming the raiders. Our organization is in disarray, our fans are running rampid and preaching anarchy.

This team has got so many issues that are so ingrained but the constant hate and bashing of the QB is atrocious. It scares me so much that we are going to throw all our chips in on a "franchise" QB and this is just going to spiral even further down the rabbit hole. The raiders thought they were a QB away from being dominant. And look where they are... Sound familiar? There are so many similiarities between the raiders and the chiefs right now it gives me nausea! Raiders are no longer the laughing stock of the NFL and AFC West doormat, we are.

Now in no way am i saying we should not draft a QB, my personal opinion is cassel can win, i think cassel is a good QB, however he has got to play better and smarter. I'm not against drafting a QB but i think our focus as a team, organization, and fanbase is to fix the deeper issues which is the loosing culture that is now ingrained into this franchise. The revolt of the fanbase, and the coaching of one of the most talented rosters in the NFL. There are only a handful of people that know whats going on behind the curtains and i can lean one way for firing pioli and i can lean another for keeping him as he has built an impressive roster just not got the correct teachers to mold and sculpt it. I just hope that for this fanbase and organization and my beloved team that clark makes the right decision.

Now as far as the coaching i'm all ready to drop the nuke on it. I was not a fan of romeo being hired and my fears were realized 100%. He's to soft and timid and not a teacher this team needs. Whatever it is i hope they fix it over the bye week and get the wheels in motion to get the CORRECT people in here to run this team. I hope the TEAM steps up and starts playing like they are winners and want to win. I hope matt comes back with a renewed fire under him and his team steps up to help him quiet some of the critics. I hope we as fans step up and put the childish raider antics behind us. Keep our BS under control and trust that the powers that be will not let this organization fall into the disarray that is known as the black hole.

Come draft day have faith that the powers that be make the best decision for this franchise whether it be a Qb or whatever else. But unless we fix the internal structure whatever QB we get will be deemed a bust in the first season and anarchy and riots will ensue.